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Please see below our main business

1) Agriculture: Rice-machine, Oil-machine, Flour-machine, Tractor, Tiller tractor, Harvester & Rice Reaper and so on.

2) Casting:Casting iron, Casting steel

3) Construction: Pipe clamps, flange, Pipe Fitting, Rubber expansion Joints, galvanized iron wire, PVC Hose,Tarpaulin and so on.

4) General Industrial Equipment: Bearing, Diesel engine, Motors, Pumps, Valves

5) Hardware: Rigging, Steel wire rope, Concrete nail, Steel bolt anchors and so on.

6) Other machinery: packing machinery, cutting machinery, construction machinery

7) O.E.M

Represent tens of export-oriented factories, we offer one-stop O.E.M. service supply your demands according to your drawings & samples.

8) Bidding

The main business of complete technical department involves complete technical transfer, complete plant equipment and heavy-duty machinery importation and exportion, as well as participation of international competitive bidding.

9) project

the results are a complete and integrated line of products designed and manufactured to satisfy the requirements of our customers.