Pretreatment Processing
Pretreatment Processing
According to the oilseed speciality and customers' requirements of the final product, we will supply customer a complete solution of the pretreatment line. It includes technical design, equipments manufacture, installation and commissioning.

The YZCL series steaming cooker is used to steam and cook the oilseed flake to meet the technical requirment for next process such as pressing or extraction. This equipment can be also used as softening cooker. After softening, the quality of crude oil and oil output rate can be improved. It's the necessary equipment for pretreatment process in vegetable oil plant.

The ZX series oil press is suitable for complete extracting vegetable oils, such as cotton seed, rapeseed, peanut, sunflower seed, sesame, castor bean, etc. It has characteristic such as high capacity, low power consumption, low cost of running, soft but not powdery cake output and lower oil in cake etc. It's the best choice for large-medium oil plant.
Extraction Processing
Extraction Processing
We can supply customer a complete solution of solvent extracting project for various oil materials. It adopts continuity technology, including solvent extraction system, wet meal toasting and desolventing system, miscella evaporation system, solvent recovery system and solvent recovery from vent gas.

YJCH-IV Series Loop-Type Extractor
The YJCH-IV loop type extractor is an advanced equipment which has been improved and perfected for almost 20 years, nowadays it's well accepted in oils&fats industry. It's capacity is 30~2000t/d.

YDT Series Desolventizer-Toaster
The desolventizer can separate the solvent from the wet meal. It is suitable for many kinds of materials and different kinds of technologies of extraction process. During the last 20 years, we have constantly practised and improved YDT series desolventizer, now we have YDT, YDTD, YDTDC complete series products.

Refining Processing
Refining Processing
    According to the oil speciality and the grade of product oil, we will supply customer a complete solution. It includes technical design, equipments manufacture, installation and commissioning. According to customers' requirements, customer can choose the suitable technical processes:

YTST Series Bleaching Tower
   With single-axis, multiple-agitator blade and multi-layers, the YTCT series bleaching tower has the innovative structure and excellent technical performance. It is suitable for the bleaching section of continuous refining process and can process raw materials from 50 to 600 ton per day.

NYB Series Automatic Residue-Discharging Leaf Filter
   The filter is used in fine filtration of liquid materials in many industries. It does not need filter cloth or filter paper so the operation cost can be reduced to a low level. It adopts fully hermetic filtration operation without pollution. The valve can discharge the residue automatically, which greatly reduced the worker's labor and realized automatic and continuous operation.

Aroma Oils
Aroma Peanut Oil

Aroma Sunflower Seed Oil

Aroma Rapeseed Oil

    Special Type Oil
    This production line is designed specially for processing the oil bearing materials such as: thorn seed, almond, walnut, wheat germ, sesame seed, and evening primrose.
    The final product are special type oil and special degreased power.
Adoptting the absolute physical refining and bleaching technologies, the activated ingredient can be kept farthest in the oil, upon that the product oil has a characteristic efficacy for nutrition and health.
    By the WL series air-vortex milling machine, the special degreased power can be produced at the size of 5-300um.
    After mixing the powder with the additive and other ingredients, we also can get the micro-capsule products through spraying and drying processing.

Main Technical Parameters

Special Type Oil
Special Type Powder
Output Ratio
5~30kg / 100kg Material
99kg / 100kg Material
Carbon steel,Stainless steel,Enamelware
Stainless steel,Oil-resistant stuff
Deep processing



Biodiesel Brief

As the crisis of energy sources draws near to this world, we have to face the problem of lack of supply and markup for energy products. Biodiesel, which is the name of a clean burning alternative fuel prodeced from donestic, renewable resources, shows its great value for recycle, environment protection, safety and hjgh-efficiency. DongNan's engineers have been making great effort to find a possible substitute for conventional diesel oil since 1998. Now we can produce the biodiesel which equals to standard diesel oil(0#) successfully.

The biodiesel can be produced from the following stuff:

Vegetable oil and bad ones: rapeseed oil, cotton-seeds oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, rice bran oil, maize oil, palm oil, mastiche oil, pepper oil,microalgae oil and other high acid value oils, etc.
Animal fats and bad ones: tallow, mutton fat, lard, leather oil, fish oil, etc.
Blended oils: swill oil, recovered oil, fried oil, etc.

Technical Flow Chart And Main Equipments

Technical Flow Chart:

Main Equipments:
Pretreatment Kettle
Esterification Kettle
Homogenizing Vessel
Solvent Recovery Syetem

Investment And Profit


360,000~480,000 USD
Fluctuate by different materials and products
Suppose the capacity is 30 t/d material oil


The main materials and auxiliary materials include oils (vegetable and animal oils or bad ones, swill oil, recovery oil, etc.), catalyst, additive, alcohol, etc.
The main products are biodiesel , glycerin and foots oil.
According to current price, the retained profits computed as follow: 36~60 USD per ton material / 394,200~657000 USD per year